About Us

Marshall Brown

Marshall has been inspecting properties as a certified home inspector for over 20 years and, together with his son, has completed more than 5,000 thorough and unbiased home inspections. With his background in electrical engineering and his eagerness to help home buyers with their tough decisions, Marshall chose a career in home inspection. When he isn’t hard at work, Marshall enjoys spending time with his family.

Sterling Brown

Mid-America Inspection Services is owned and operated by Sterling Brown. For 10 years, he has been working hard to bring the highest quality home inspections to the great states of North Dakota and Minnesota. Sterling's passion for the industry has helped to expand Mid-America Inspection Services' area of operation and online presence into what it is today. Sterling is a certified home inspector and has completed nearly 3,000 inspections. In his free time, Sterling creates extraordinary comic book art and cinematography.

Mid-America Inspection Services

Please call (218) 443-3555 to schedule an inspection or for more information.

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